IGManager -- Designed with Independent Grocers in mind

IGManager started life back in 1997 as "PACK SIGN". This was a special interface program to provide hosting and store level sign and tag printing for a small chain, "PACK'n Save". This basic program then was beefed up to provide advanced item maintenance with multiple sales and TPRs, more item sales reports.
This new program, named "LUMP" standing for "Local User-friendly Management Package", was released to provide a reasonably priced backroom package for the IBM Supermarket Application. At that time, if the user wanted advanced item maintenance, FM operations and DSD, the only packages available would have started at no less than $12K. This was just unacceptable. LUMP continued to evolve and more and more features like Store Charge were added as the Independent Operators required them. Up to this point, LUMP was just used by Interstate Cash Register for it's own customers.
In 2004, the decision was made that a reasonably priced backroom package that has been designed to be friendly is desperately needed for the Independent Operators that have very little computer experience and very little need for some of the " features" the other packages provide. Thus, LUMP was renamed IGManager to better present what it's purpose in life is- to provide the Independent Grocer easy to use, reliable and affordable management tool. At the same time the IGManager StoreCharge Module was choosen as the store charge solution for IBM SurePOS ACE system.
Today, over 400 sites have been installed using IGMananger StoreCharge or IGMananger Full Suite.