IGManager -- Designed with Independent Grocers in mind

Item Maintenance
Cost, Pricing, Sales, Sign info can all be accessed from one screen for each item. The user is kept away from the idiosyncrasies of the POS system requirements to set up special items or other features of the POS system. Sign/Label Interface
By setting flags in the main item database, these items are exported to an industry standard data format. This data can be read by off-the-shelf label packages to create shelf tags, sales signs and others. The exported data can also include "Savings" and "Compare To" information to be used on the signs.
Item Sales, Ad-Markdown, Margin, Sale/TPR status, and more can be reported from the daily item movement obtained from the POS. FM/HANDHELDS
The Radio-Frequency Handheld Terminal allows the store to check pricing out in the aisles. Besides price checking, price maintenance, sales and TPR setting, and DSD receiving can all be done outside of the office. Since IGManager is a true 32-bit application, the FM operations do not interrupt item maintenance or other functions on the backroom computer.
Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
Unlike other packages, the DSD module is included in the IGManager Suite. With dsd, incoming product can be checked and the cost can be checked. Also, with receiving, the movement of any item can be viewed. This can greatly affect the $ return from any DSD category. Store Charge
By interfacing with the POS in either an offline or online method, store charge information and accounting can now be pulled directly from the POS into a basic accounting package providing Monthly Statement printing, aging reports and on-demand financial charges.